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Sexual and reproductive health in Kafountine

Why have we developed a work program around sexual and reproductive rights?

  • Because in the last year in the Diouloulou health district there were more than 1,000 cases of pregnancy in girls between 10 and 16 years old.

  • Because more than 50% of maternity hospitals in the area do not meet the basic conditions to guarantee a safe birth.

  • Because HIV/AIDS continues to be taboo and the cause of serious stigmatization and discrimination towards people who live with the virus.

There are many more reasons that, in recent weeks, we have collected - together with MTN Production - in some videos that you will be able to see in a few weeks.

And our friends from MTN Production, based in Dakar, flew to Casamance and we had a very intense week of filming: visits to maternity wards, interviews with badienu gokh, social workers, mediators, midwives...

All of this to put a face and give voice to the main problems experienced in the area: early pregnancy, STIs, HIV/AIDS, lack of access to basic services...

The videos have been made within the framework of a project funded by ZeroSet, Vic City Council and TRASS.

We will continue taking steps to improve sexual and reproductive health...

What does the sexual and reproductive health program that we are developing include?

  • Improve the condition of maternity hospitals in the area by providing them with water, electricity and materials

  • Carry out awareness campaigns on early pregnancy, STIs, HIV, sexual violence, etc. at street level, through radio, local television and social networks

  • Conduct discussion groups and workshops with adolescents, young people, mothers and fathers of students, and traditional and religious leaders on the topic.

  • Carry out HIV/AIDS, family planning and cervical cancer detection campaigns

  • Strengthen the capacities of health personnel to guarantee the right to health without discrimination

  • Accompany people living with HIV/AIDS to facilitate their adherence to treatment and their psychosocial health

These are the main lines of action on which we are going to work in the coming years.

Do you want to help us move forward?

You can do it through this link , donating €1 a month via Teaming or transforming your purchases into solidarity through Wapsi



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