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Transparency is a crucial element for KAKOLUM, since we not only consider it an indicator of quality and reputation, but also a way to generate trust in the environment and with other actors. Through proactive actions, beyond the current legal framework, we promote transparency in all areas of the association: economic, governance and results of action.

In the economic framework, since 2021, KAKOLUM has collaborated with the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation in annual projects. This collaboration is characterized by complying with all quality guarantees, both budgetary and action control, also subject to external audit processes.

Regarding governance, at KAKOLUM we keep the decisions and management of the entity open and accessible. This involves sharing information with partners, donors, volunteers and workers, as we believe that our mission requires us to do so. This materializes in the availability of relevant information about the activities, finances, policies and other aspects of the organization.

Regarding the results of action, at KAKOLUM we periodically publish our actions and results on social networks, as well as an annual report on the website. This allows stakeholders to know first-hand the impact and effect of their initiatives.

Communication and transparency are not only ideals, but practices that are reflected in daily operations. In each project, at KAKOLUM we integrate a set of communicative actions that include press releases, appearances in the media, creation of infographics and posters, online meetings with stakeholders, quarterly newsletters and weekly publications on social networks.

In addition to the usual actions, at KAKOLUM we present a series of documents that provide a detailed view of its operation and principles of action. This documentation is the result of reflection and internal work to guarantee transparency and quality of management.

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