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Guarantee training for 3 women or young people on their rights and/or in the processes of transformation and conservation of agricultural products.


Provide infrastructure, tools and agricultural training to a woman and her family to enable their economic self-sufficiency

Water and sanitation

With 50 euros a month for a year, we can provide water to one of the many hospitals in the area that do not have access to it.

  • Formación

    Every month
  • Autosuficiencia

    Every month
  • Agua y saneamiento

    Every month

Kakolum is registered in the NGO registry of the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation and is therefore covered by the patronage law.

You can deduct your donation, we will take care of issuing you a certificate if you need it.

To do so, please provide us with your NIF / DNI / NIE / CIF at registration.

Do you want to donate another amount?

All donations count.

They are all welcome, they are important and they give results.

Your help will always result in improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of the areas in which we develop our projects.

Other ways to collaborate

Donate €1 per month through Teaming

Join solidarity tourism and travel to Casamance

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