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Beginning of the year, closing of projects

At Kakolum we start 2019 with a lot of work: projects that are coming to an end and others that are starting to be drawn up, collaborations with other entities, formation of our local team... and above all, a lot of desire to keep doing things well, manage the funds to get the most out of them and generate projects that are sustainable.

Community garden for women in the neighborhood of Kabar

During the first quarter of this year we finished the execution of the project " Improving the conditions of the community garden for women in the neighborhood of Kabar to give access to a sustainable source of income" financed by the Ramón Molinas Foundation . The total number of direct beneficiaries of the project is 121 women, aged between 20 and 70, living in the Kabar district. These women have as their main source of income the sale of agricultural products in the local market, but the means at their disposal do not allow them to obtain an economic return from agricultural work that guarantees the well-being of their families throughout the year.

The project has consisted of facilitating the infrastructure and knowledge necessary to improve the agricultural work of the women of the Jamooral Association and, consequently, increase the benefits they obtain and contribute to increasing their economic independence. Thus, during the previous execution of the project, the integrity of the perimeter was closed, the well was repaired to make it functional all year round, 8 ponds were built and a solar pumping and piping system was installed there of water

A warehouse was also built for the storage of material and an introductory training in sustainable agriculture was given by the director of the Green Living Lab Foundation, a collaborating organization and friend of Kakolum. During this first quarter of the year, training in sustainable agriculture was carried out, the acquisition of materials to facilitate agricultural work and the distribution of seeds.

In addition, with the collaboration of Setem Andalusia, a second well has been made in the garden that will guarantee the availability of water throughout the entire cultivated area. The excavation work and purchase of materials for this activity have been financed between Setem Andalusia and Kakolum's own funds, obtained through donations.

Kakolum local team

We cannot close the quarter without thanking the local Kakolum team that has gradually formed around the actions of the NGO.

An essential part of our understanding of cooperation is that community development must come from within, and that there is no one better than the local people to list their needs, generate solutions and make - the sustainable ones. For this reason, we have surrounded ourselves with people from Kafountine who have contributed grains of sand to the development of the ongoing activities, helping and advising us.

Thus, we can say that the Kakolum team was born in Kafountine, a group of local people motivated in the development of their community, with whom we will go hand in hand in future projects.

… Projects on the way

There is a lot of work to be done in Kafountine and the neighboring communities, and we always try to establish contact with Women's Associations to create new projects together. Improve the conditions of other community gardens, strengthen knowledge in sustainable agriculture and in the transformation and sale of products, popularize content on human rights and gender equality, achieve waste management that lightens the harmful burden on the environment...

Let's continue!

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