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We close the project with a thousand new ideas

Tomorrow we will carry out the second and last radio broadcast on violence against women and girls, within the project financed by the Barcelona Public Health Agency and ZeroSet.

The project, which we started in March by holding awareness days on the street, had to stop due to Covid19.

These days included masked dancing and theater and debates about the most frequent violence against women and girls in the municipality of Kafountine.

As we already told you, before having to stop everything was going smoothly: we held 3 days that each brought together more than 200 people, capturing the interest of the attendees and promoting debate on topics such as early pregnancy, forced marriage or violence. conjugal

We also held a workshop on gender and human rights that brought together girls and boys from all the Sports and Cultural Associations of Kafountine - ASC, which is the way in which young people organize themselves in the neighborhoods - and in which they talked about how It affects the distribution of tasks to both sexes, how the rights of women and girls are violated, and how youth can act to change these dynamics .

Adapting to the new normal and as prevention measures began to relax in Senegal, we met with our local partners in the project, the Kafountine Youth Association , to adapt the remaining activities to the current context.

We decided to transfer the awareness to local television and radio; focusing on four recurring themes in the area:

  • forced marriage

  • early pregnancy

  • Marital violence

  • The violations

To do this, our friends from the ASKANBI theater group prepared four plays, one per theme.

We invited specialists in sexual and reproductive health from the Kafountine hospital, representatives of the Kafountine Association to Fight Violence against Women and several Badien Gokhs to come, who are the first contact to go to in the neighborhoods when women suffer problems .

This week we have been working together with local television to put together the videos, which we will broadcast in Kafountine in the coming days. We are also subtitling the most interesting interventions so we can share them soon with all of you.

If we have seen something during the different activities, it is that the youth of Kafountine have interest and motivation in continuing to raise awareness about these issues to change things , that we have people with great knowledge and involvement in the hospital and in the neighborhoods; ready for action; and that talking about these issues for the first time in Kafountine has aroused great interest among the entire population .

Last year, there were more than 20 early pregnancies in Kafountine secondary schools. The youth of Kafountine and the other people who have participated in the project have presented us with activities to continue raising awareness and increasing the population's information on sexual health and gender violence.

So we want to continue working on it. Can you help us make it possible?

You can share our work with your friends, family and acquaintances, become a member or make a specific contribution; or become part of the teaming group donating only 1 euro per month.

We continue!

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