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Response to Covid19

What are we doing while everything is stopped?

Projects that will have to wait...

In March we announced that we were in full activity, carrying out theater and raising awareness in the street about the violence committed against women and girls in the municipality and training with the youth groups of Kafountine; all financed by ZeroSet and the Barcelona Public Health Agency.

In mid-March we had to stop the project due to the increase in coronavirus cases in Senegal and the consequent preventive measures that began to be applied by the government: prohibition of meetings and demonstrations of any kind, closure of schools and universities, closure of places of worship...

Therefore, we had to put on standby the activities that remain to be carried out: a workshop with the young people of Kafountine and an awareness day in the center of the town.

Another project which will have to wait for the situation to normalize is the one we were going to start at the beginning of this month of April: the creation of two community gardens for women in the town of Diannah and training in permaculture; financed by the Provincial Council of Granada and executed together with our friends from Setem Andalucía.

But while everything is stopped, we continue taking steps

A characteristic of our actions is that they are part of the community in which we work, because we feel part of it. Therefore, in these difficult times we could not sit idly by.

A few weeks ago, Senegal decreed the mandatory use of masks, first for sellers in food stores and other points of sale (markets, street stalls...), for transport and for public services. Days later, given the increase in cases, the obligation was extended to the general population.

So we got to work and, together with friends from the German NGO Appropriaid (who work in Diannah on projects related to reforestation, sustainable agriculture and the environment) we ordered 403 masks to distribute in the town of Diannah, in the Following way:

- 100 for elderly people

- 100 for women from the local associations we work with

- 108 for all points of sale in the town

- 50 for the women of Diannah and Kabar markets

- 45 for the young people in the motorcycle taxis

These masks will be delivered in a pack that also includes soap and an informative flyer to raise awareness about the importance of their use and how to use them correctly.

This week we are finishing preparing everything to proceed with the distribution of the packs together with the youth of Kabar and the Diannah SetSetal Women's Association who will help us distribute them.

We will keep you informed of the next steps!



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