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More than 400 packs distributed

Last week, thanks to the collaboration of a group of volunteers and staff from the Diannah Health Center, more than 400 people in the town received a pack consisting of a mask, soap and an information flyer about the importance of using masks. and its correct use.

The flyer, as we told you in a previous publication, is the work of the friends of Minimal Heroes , who knew how to capture all the important information in beautiful images.

The packs were distributed as follows:

- 100 packs for elderly people

- 100 packs for 2 women's associations we work with

- 1 08 for all points of sale in the town

- 50 for the women of Diannah and Kabar markets

- 45 for the young people from the Diannah and Kabar motorcycle taxis

We are happy with the result of the action, and we want to thank the German NGO AppropriAid for their collaboration, with which we hope that this activity is just the beginning of a long friendship and professional relationship.

And, of course, we want to thank all the people who read us, who follow us, who collaborate with Kakolum in one way or another for their participation: it makes everything much easier!

On the other hand, we want to tell you that here we begin this week with a decision that seems quite misguided: since last Monday, the president of Senegal suspended all the virus containment measures that had been taken just when the country was at its peak. maximum cases: schools and universities are reopened, mosques and markets are reopened, the curfew is reduced from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. and public transport is resumed.

We hope that this change of direction does not complicate and lengthen things further. From Kakolum, as long as we cannot return to normal, we will continue to carry out actions to support the population in the face of the current crisis to the best of our ability.

Photographs taken by Fabian Gebert

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