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These last few weeks we are having a lot of work around here to get everything ready for the month of March. Thanks to the collaboration of ZeroSet and the Public Health Agency of Barcelona, we will start a series of activities together with the Youth Associations of the Municipality of Kafountine (ASC) in favor of women's rights and against violence committed in women and girls

To get everything ready, we met with the person who will be in charge of the trainings and workshops, with the Kafountine Youth, with the authorities, with the theater group... and above all we did a lot of team work because there is no thread left to tie when we start the activities.

And what exactly does this project consist of? The project, entitled "Zero Violence: Mobilizing the Youth Associations of the Municipality of Kafountine in the fight against GBV" has a duration of two months and is part of a more extensive program to fight gender-based violence in which we are starting to to work.

In this first phase, the protagonists are the 11 Youth Associations of Kafountine, Diannah and Abéné with whom we will hold 6 awareness-raising days and two workshops.

What do the awareness days consist of? We will perform plays open to the general population about the most common forms of violence in the municipality, such as early pregnancy, forced marriage, genital mutilation or domestic violence. These plays will serve to open debate on these issues.

And what will the workshops be about? The first will be about gender and women's human rights, and the second about how youth associations can influence the creation of a violence-free society through their actions.

In addition, on the occasion of March 8, we will join the march made by the women of Kafountine from the market to the fishing port, where we will also do some of the awareness activities.

We will bring you photos and more information about the project soon!



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