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Happy International Rural Women's Day!

Today, October 15, we celebrate with Setem Andalucía the work we are doing together with the rural women of Casamance

The project that Setem Andalucía and Kakolum developed during these months in the south of Senegal, financed by the Provincial Council of Granada, has more than 200 rural women as protagonists.

In rural Casamance, women are the backbone of families, and for us, rural women are the main axis of this project.

We are creating the ideal conditions so that women from 3 communities can carry out their agricultural work with maximum benefit, building infrastructure that facilitates their work and training them in sustainable agriculture techniques so that they adapt their crops to climate change and increase their resilience.

The rural woman at the center of the action

In Senegal, 56% of the population lives in rural areas. In Casamance, where the poverty incidence rate is 67%, the daily life of rural women revolves around taking care of the family, searching for water, cooking and working in their crops to bring food to the home and sell a small part. Despite supporting a heavy load of agricultural work, the benefits they receive from it are usually negligible. Furthermore, only 3.8% of women own land.

Rural women are less likely to hold paid jobs than men, despite being more active in the informal rural economy; They have a higher illiteracy rate than women in urban areas and are more exposed to violence; such as child marriage and genital mutilation.

Despite these inequalities, rural women play a key role in supporting their households and communities to achieve food security, generate income and increase livelihoods that ensure the well-being of their families.

Therefore, in this project we want to highlight the role that they have as the driving force of their communities, as creators of life and as pillars for the development of the rural areas of Casamance.

At Kakolum we understand agriculture as a key means of subsistence for the well-being of rural families. In the face of large-scale agriculture, which encourages the export of materials and the exploitation of peasant communities, damaging soils and plundering natural resources; We believe it is essential to work together with rural women so that they regain contact with the land, with nature and with a diversified agriculture that ensures their food and nutritional security.

Happy International Rural Women's Day!

For the empowerment of rural women in Casamance!



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