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Early pregnancy in schools

In recent years, there have been more than 200 cases of early pregnancy in the Bignona area. This number is increasing. What are we doing from Kakolum to reverse this?

This April, thanks to funding from ZeroSet and TRASS, we are starting a project focused on adolescent sexual health, with the aim of contributing to reducing early pregnancy and STD rates in the municipality. This is a pilot project that expands what has been worked on the previous year together with the Public Health Agency of Barcelona, and that aims to be another step in the program on sexual and reproductive health that we have defined for the next years.

Misinformation, taboos around sexuality, gender-based violence... affect girls and young women in the area where we work on a daily basis and result in early pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and all the associated negative consequences

Want to know how we're tackling these issues?

Reinforcement of health personnel

We held a workshop with health personnel from public centers in the area and with the badienu gokh of the municipality. The badienu gokh are a traditional figure who play a key role in Senegalese communities in matters of domestic violence and issues related to motherhood, sexuality and health.

The workshop lasted 3 days and brought together 20 people, dealing with topics such as gender and health, human rights and the right to health and counseling techniques.

Talks and workshops in schools

We have, for now, held a total of 9 talks (talks) in schools in Abéné and Kafountine on early pregnancy, STDs and risk-free sexuality. More than 400 students participated and were able to express their doubts, concerns and ask questions about topics that are still taboo with complete freedom.

In the coming weeks we will continue with:

- More talks, with students and families

- Workshops with students and mothers and fathers on early pregnancy, STDs and male violence

- Awareness days through theater and debates

(To be continued...)



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