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These first 6 months of the project have given a lot. Expanded team, an office in the center of Diannah's town, work and more work... And more than 37,000 people who have participated and/or been beneficiaries of the project!

We are not even halfway there, there are 9 months of the project ahead, but we are very satisfied with how everything is turning out. Health authorities and key people like the badienu gokh have taken the project as their own and are doing everything in their power to ensure the success of every step we take.

And the Kakolum team on the ground (made up of 8 local people, 1 expatriate person and 2 local volunteers) who works dynamically and giving 100% to make all this possible.

In the coming months we will continue with the causeries, with the workshops, with water for maternity hospitals and with new activities that we will inform you about.

Below we present a tour of the activities that we have carried out from February to June within the framework of the project financed by the Catalan Development Cooperation Agency (ACCD) "Guaranteeing sexual and reproductive rights and the right to life free of violence for women and girls in the department of Bignona, Senegal".

You can download the report below this text in Spanish, Catalan and French, and share it with people you think may be interested.

Thanks for your cooperation!


Report in Spanish

Download PDF • 5.92MB

Rapport in French

Download PDF • 6.35MB



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